Tempered is a thermal process of processing glass in order to improve its stability, mechanical properties and safety. Tempering is possible for all types of glass in thicknesses of 4-19 mm, in the maximum dimensions of pieces 300 x 200 cm.

The process consists of several stages. Depending on the type, size and thickness, the processed glass is heated to a temperature of around 650 C, to the softening point. The glass then goes into the cooling phase, during which the temperature drops sharply to 450 C.

During this process, the surface of the glass cools down faster than the inside. With this process, the surface of the glass remains stressed by pressure, and the interior by tension. This condition contributes to a significant improvement in the mechanical properties of the glass, which makes it more flexible, more resistant to impacts and more resistant to temperature differences. In the event of breakage, the glass shatters into small rounded pieces and thus does not pose a risk of injury.

Tempered glass is used for: Shower cabins, glass doors, glass walls, shop windows, glass fences, glass floors...



Drilling holes in glass is a precise procedure by which holes of different sizes and shapes are made on glass surfaces.

In our production, we have machines of the latest technology for fast and precise production of holes and notches on glass.

In addition to drilling holes on a machine with two heads, which enables precise and safe drilling of holes without damage, we provide you with the service of drilling and extracting notches of all shapes on a water jet machine.

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